Why Portfolios of three Bihar ministers of RJD changed?Political turmoil intensifies in Bihar Details inside

Portfolios of three Bihar ministers of RJD changed

Portfolios of three Bihar ministers of RJD changed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar details inside kindy read full article.

Patna: Portfolios of three Bihar ministers of RJD changed by Bihar cabinet includes Education Minister Chandrashekhar, Land Revenue Minister Alok Mehta and Public Health Engineering Minister Lalit Yadav. Nitish Kumar suddenly changed the portfolios of these three ministers. A notification regarding this has also been issued from the Cabinet Secretariat. Political turmoil is intense in Bihar.

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Chief Minister Nitish Kumar changed the portfolios of three ministers from RJD quota. A notification in this regard has also been issued by the Cabinet Secretariat.
The notification from the Bihar Government Cabinet Secretariat Department said that the portfolios already allotted to Minister Alok Kumar Mehta, Minister Chandrashekhar and Minister Lalit Kumar Yadav are revised in consultation with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Alok Kumar Mehta is allotted the work of Education Department, Chandrashekhar is allotted the work of Sugarcane Industry Department and Lalit Kumar Yadav is allotted the work of Revenue and Land Reforms Department along with Public Health Engineering Department till further orders.
There is speculation about change of power in Bihar. There is talk in the political circles that Nitish Kumar can go with NDA. However, this has not been confirmed either by JDU or RJD. Portfolios of three Bihar ministers of RJD changed can be done for various other reason also .

On Friday, Lalu Yadav had gone to meet Nitish Kumar at his residence along with his Deputy CM son Tejashwi Yadav. Later, Tejashwi Yadav assured the media that everything was fine. But, after a day, the portfolio of three ministers from RJD quota changed.

The dispute between Chandrashekhar and ACS KK Pathak of the Education Department was not stopping. The government was facing a lot of criticism regarding the growing dispute between the two. There were continuous reports of tension between the two.
Lalit Yadav already has the Public Health Engineering Department. In fact, former Education Minister Chandrashekhar has had a long dispute with KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department. Now when Pathak returned to work yesterday after a long leave, it was believed that there would be a change. On Saturday, the government dismissed Education Minister Chandrashekhar and in his place made Alok Mehta the minister of this department.

so the reason that Portfolios of three Bihar ministers of RJD changed may varry from point to point,  but its clear that something might be going on inside.

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