Digital Gold becomes the contemporary standard in investment of precious metals,How to buy digital gold in India?

How to buy digital gold in India?

How to buy digital gold in India is as follows- Yes you can easily buy digital gold now a days, with the dynamic reform in gold price, petty investors may not feel much confident to make gold in asset class. Digital Gold can be purchased in tiny proportions such as ₹100 or whatever suits the specimen.

Digital gold is abundantly available as an asset in companies such as MMTC-PAMP, and it’s affiliate channels like Paytm, Phonepe, Gpay, Jupiter and Aditya Birla Capital. There is also a rise in micro investment of digital Gold through multiple means which includes ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), MFs (Mutual Funds) and SGBs (Sovereign Gold Bonds).

Is it legal to buy digital gold in India?

Yes, it is legal to buy digital gold in India, there is no restriction upon it for its buying. However one must follow basic kyc norms and the RBI regulations governing digital gold investments.


How do I buy digital gold in GPAY?

One must open its Google Pay.

1)Then Tap New.

2)Then go to  search bar, again enter “Gold Locker”.

3)Then, search for that term.

4)Tap on the Gold Locker button.

5)After opening you may see a Tap Buy option 

6)Enter the amount of gold you want to invest or buy, in INR.

7)Tap the Check mark available on the screen .

8)And at last Select your favorite payment method  that appears on the screen. 

Driven by a broad stretch of advantages, digital Gold is set for authorisation in investment options, hereby liquifying gold investments in India.

How to buy digital gold in India is really easy in current era.

History of Digital gold

In communities and across states, Indians have tenaciously displayed an ardent desire for buying and selling of gold. The ancient element has historically been an accurate barrier in economic deficits and inflation.

In 2007-09 recession, when the S&P Index descended by 56.8%, gold prices increased drastically with 25.5%.
With data and sources so far, the metal has been a reliable hedge globally as well as in India too. Experienced investors who are aware of market fluctuations, continue to allocate some parts of their respective investments to gold.

A report given by AxisMyIndia says that Digital Gold has gushed as a preferred investment option for consumers from tier 1 and tier 2 area. With a return of 15% during FY23, gold has surpassed market expectations, boosting confidence of it’s buyers across India.
More so ever, digital gold saves customer from unwanted worries about security and safety of the metal. Unlike physical gold which compels the customer to store it in a locker or bank vault inflating the overall cost of its maintenance and purchase, digital Gold saves such chaos.
As it is asset-backed, MMTC-PAMP stores an equivalent amount of physical gold in its bank vaults without any extra storage charge. With digital gold, a customer’s holdings are totally insured to protect against any casualties.

With the ability to buy gold in micro quantities, digital gold grants early entry into the investment world. How to buy digital gold in India is the current need for every investor for its growth.

Variations in the advantages of digital gold.

Assured 999.9+ purity.

With a high risk of purchasing impure physical gold from local markets, digital gold is offered with an assured purity of 999.9+. Therefore buyers are content and driven to buy digital gold with its 24k assurity and guaranteed purity.

Cloaked in bank grade vaults.

With the presence of bank vaults, no irate concerns may arise out if it’s theft or loss, as could be the same with storage of physical gold. If investors are desirous of converting their digital gold into physical gold, then it can be flexibly done with the redeem functionality feature available on trusted channels.

Sans storage charge.

With digital gold, investors definitely don’t need to pay for high cost storage lockers. This means that even small investments in Digital Gold can be made safely and redeemed in cash or physical gold later if investors so desire.

A substitute of ETFs and SGBs.

Elasticity and convenience make digital gold a better option than ETFs and SGBs which have strict entry-exit barriers through lock-in-periods. Moreover, there is no precondition of a Demat account for a digital gold investor. Which is why, this form of investment is widely done for its unique features and easy accessibility.

In addition to buying and selling, MMTC-PAMP’s digital diversity of ecosystem offers live cost trackings and complete visibility of gold and silver portfolio holdings. As India’s LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited precious metals refinary; MMTC-PAMP came out as the hegemon of digital gold.These are the best platform to buy digital gold in India.

Engulfed by this broad spectrum of advantages, digital gold has become the contemporary standard in investment of precious metals, hereby liquifying gold investments in India.

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