LVMH spikes sales as luxury buyers show sturdiness,How can I buy LVMH stock in India?

How can I buy LVMH stock in India?

How can I buy LVMH stock in India, LVMH shares may be held in various three oter ways- 1) BY ethical registered form (registered and held in an LVMH securities account) 2) Administered registered form, 3) Bearer form (registered and held in a securities account which are managed by various organization.

LVMH spikes sales as luxury buyers show sturdiness.

Sales and marketing increased at world’s biggest luxury crew, who possess some top notch labels such as the likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior and Tiffany. This LVMH group of vintage products surged it’s sale to nearly 24 billion euros in the final three months of the year.

LVMH is Premium Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024.
LVMH group announced a 10% rise in fourth quarter sales on Thursday, as growth climbed up, the previous quarter held by elastic demand including from Chinese buyers for its spicy and flamboyant fashion over all end of the year-period.
Analysts foresighted a 9% growth, according to a consensus report cited by HSBC. As sales grew 9% in first quarter and by 17% in second quarter, thereby apparently crossing the expected figure.
“The highest-end products are those that have highest demand in the world” LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault told analysts citing expensive fashion products from labels like Christian Dior, even adding that the trend will be continued.

For Indian people How can I buy LVMH stock in India was a major concern.

Hereby, LVMH keeps widening the gap between it and other fashion brands, in the likes of growth and trend. Whereas, Cartier owner, Richemont represents a downturn in the expenses of customers. Moreover, rivals; who are selling at lower rates, have known to be deeply struggling. Arnault is very contented about growth rate and confident about 2024.
As information gathered by reporters through sources have concluded that, business at Louis Vuitton from next-level Chinese economizer reached 70% of the level generated in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to Jean Jacques Guiony; chief financial officer of LVMH, “growth is significant with Chinese customers, which is unabated”. Guiony asserted that his expectations with Chinese visitors was definitely not to largely revert back to Europe, but that LVMH was managing business with ‘significant’ Chinese.
After a post pandemic purge, growth rate flared up for high-end fashion companies. As compared to older generations, the younger ones are the most inclusive in the contribution of said growth as they are more vulnerable to rising inflation.How can I buy LVMH stock in India can be diffecult for indain investor for investing.
“The results look solid at a first glance, including on the profit line, a slight beat to consensus expectations on both the margin and absolute level,” Bernstein analysts said.

Spendings by Americans and Europeans remain intact, the analyst asserted, and has been partially accelerated with the return of Chinese visitors.
When interrogated about rival Richemont, Arnault diplomatically said that he didn’t had any pleasure to dishonour him. But he set himself hooting when he quipped; “If he needs help to stay independent, then I am here”.


Arnault has been tightening his family’s grip on LVMH, and on Thursday the group said it would name his sons Alexandre Arnault and Frederic Arnault to the board of directors, as well as French businessman Henri de Castries, at the company’s annual meeting on April 18, confirming recent reports.


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