What would happen if there was no air for 5 seconds? Does Earth will get destroyed Detail inside

What would happen if there was no air for 5 seconds?

What would happen if there was no air for 5 seconds,In just 5 seconds, the Earth would look completely diverse. Without oxygen, you can say goodbye to the most of the dam out there, and whatever made out of concrete . These structures would suddenly collapse! Oxygen acts as a ecxeptional binding agent to concrete.

Oxygen is important for the concrete.Concrete is nothing but dust. The consequence would be on humans Aalso. If you are out in the sun, be watchful for severe sunburn as the ozone layer that protects us from ultra-violate rays of the sun would evaporate. The ozone layer is made of oxygen.
A new video is building tremorous waves across social media, this disclose the scary reality of What would happen if there was no air for 5 seconds. While most humans cannot carry their breath for more than 2-3 minutes, the disappearance of this essential gaseous element would toss our earth into confusion.
Some repercussion, like the disappearance of Earth’s protective ozone layer, will come as no surprise to many, but one of the social media user who detailed this assumed judgment day scene did drop a few surprises.
Even when its a day time at earth , we will able to a a complete darkness

Oxygen is the life belt for human . It is the main catalyst for intracellular energy that is assured to provide strength for human life. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But have you ever thought that What would happen if there was no air for 5 seconds?

What would we do? Would we just hold our breath for five seconds? What would happen to the atmosphere? How will the dropping of oxygen affect the environment?

So now take a good submerged breath to ecperience how depressed it is before we tell you What would happen if there was no air for 5 seconds.

Without oxygen, plants, animals, water and we humans cannot live. even though 5 seconds does not look massive span of time and we all can certainly hold our breath for this amount. Many of us can even hold our breath for more than 2-3 minutes. Some can even hold it for 5 minute after a generously good practice.


But it is not the case of all others. In just five seconds without the oxygen, the world would look completely different. Without oxygen, our houses, dams, tall building and any structure made out of concrete would tumble instantly.

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Since the Earth’s crust is made out of 45 percent oxygen,’ one out the great educator told his soscial media followers, ‘it would also fully collapse.’

‘Everyone and everything would immediately start descending towards the center periphery.’

Without oxygen, we cannot generate fire and the most of our in our vehicles would stop. Every transport activities except electric would stop suddenly. Planes flying in the sky would collapse down on earth and billions of cars running on petrol and diesel would stop on the roads.

So only one solution for to avoid such activity Then one start planting trees to maintain the oxygen level so that carbon dioxide from our atmosphere may increase. Now, take a deep breath of oxygen and for forget about What would happen if there was no air for 5 seconds .

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