Japan Becomes 5th Country to Reach the Moon,SLIM Moon Landing live updates

Japan Becomes 5th Country to Reach the Moon

Japan Becomes 5th Country to Reach the Moon yes you all read right,Japan close to land on Lunar surface.

JAXA’s SLIM Moon Landing Live Updates:

The Japan aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) has announced that the spacecraft will land on the moon, which can take roughly 20 to 30 minutes. The engines from the spacecraft are fired to began the descent on the lunar ground.

The lander’s journey to the moon was not a direct one. It was launched in September 2023, making it the most anticipated project so far. The lander is roughly the size of a small car as it is ready to make a soft landing.

The SLIM mission which began in September 2023 and launched afterwards, has taken significant technological boost. The lander has been roaming in the lunar orbit since Christmas 2023. Japan Becomes 5th Country to Reach the Moon they have landed safely.

After a brief journey and meticulous gearing, SLIM is now ready to make a soft landing on moon, by becoming the fifth successful country to land on Moon after USA, Russia, China and India.

SLIM’s approach on the moon’s surface is self-sufficient, guided by onboard artificial intelligence along with cameras fashioned to tackle the terrains of moon, along with rocks, boulders and craters.Japan Becomes 5th Country to Reach the Moon is really a good boost up for their future scientists and astronauts.

The lander will shoot a predetermined location on the lunar surface within 100 meters of point on the slope of the mid-latitude of Shioli Crater, a site chosen for its scientific value, in addition to olvine, a mineral which gives an elaborate intelligence regarding moon’s history and formation.

The lander is equipped with innovative features, such as five crushable, 3D-printed aluminum lattice landing legs to absorb the impact of touchdown, and a suite of instruments including a Multi-Band Camera (MBC) for analysing the moon’s composition. Additionally, SLIM carries two small rovers, LEV-1 and LEV-2, which will explore the lunar terrain post touchdown. wheather we like or not Japan Becomes 5th Country to Reach the Moon.

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