Russian Aircraft Crashes, while carrying 65 On-Board Prisoners of War Details inside

Russian Aircraft Crashes

Russian Aircraft Crashes while carrying 65 On-Board Prisoners of War, What was the reason can be known by reading full article.

What is An IL-76

An IL-76 of Russian origin, designed to lift heavy military equipment, crashed with 65 Ukrainian Prisoners of War (POW). The exact location of the accident is speculated to be in Belgorod region of Russia which borders Ukraine. The POWs were being exchanged for a swap. Russia reported that there are no survivors in the crash.Russian Aircraft Crashes is a big disastor.
The IL-76 was out of pilot’s control and crashed near a residential area. The plane fell on its right wing and flared up in flames within minutes of the crash. “At around 11 am of Moscow time, an IL-76 plane crashed in the Belgorod region during a routine flight”, an AFP reported, quoting Moscow’s defence ministry’s words.
Russian aircraft
“On-Board were 65 captured Ukrainian army servicemen being transported to the Belgorod region, in the exchange, along with six crew members and three escorts” the AFP added further. Meanwhile, Russia claimed that the plane was carrying POWs but AFP, repeating local media in Ukraine, added that Russian defence forces deliberately targeted its own aircraft as it was carrying missiles for the S-300 surface air defence system and not the POWs
When asked about it, Russian authorities refuted the claims as false and abhorring. Russia’s parliament speaker, Vyaslechav Volodin, has accused Kiev of shooting down the plane which carried Prisoners of War.Does Russian Aircraft Crashes were planned.

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“They killed their own men in the process, their own soldiers” Volodin told the legislatives in a plenary session. “Our pilots, who were carrying out a humanitarian mission, were killed in the process”. The accident occurred in Korochansky district, northeast of the location’s capital, regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Telegram.
The Russian Il-76 is fashioned to lift troops, cargo and military equipment like tanks, howitzers and ammunition. It was manufactured by Ilyushin and was pulled into service in the 1970’s when the USSR existed and rule. The warplane was created to replace the An-12 (Antonov 12). It has variations in civil and military forms, and is operated by Indian Air Force as well.
Despite completing two years of war next month with Ukraine, the Russian forces have failed to make attractive gains in Ukraine while boasting a strong and rigid military which is capable of defeating any force.Russian Aircraft Crashes is one of the trending news all around the world and aslo concernable.
The war in Ukraine has affected Russia’s confidence and increased the significance to Moscow of Non-Strategic nuclear weapons as a source of intervening and defeating NATO in a potential future clash. Moscow and Kiev have alleged each other recently, of shrewd attacks on civilians’ area over the past two months. The strikes wounded nine people in the eastern part of Ukraine.
Regional Governor Oleg Sinegubov asserted that Moscow’s forces had fired S-300 surface-to-air missiles at the city, which lies next to Ukraine’s border with Russia.

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